Willet Chapter 1, Part V

If you are new to this series here is the link to Chapter 1 Part I.

Chapter 1, Part V


Hoisting up the goods makes me breathe hard from the pulsating pain coming from my spine. I have to pull while leaning over the edge of the loft because there’s just enough weight on the wire to make it kink over the edge of the floor and bind up. So I’m leaning as far forward as I can without falling, adding more stress onto my lower back. Finally with the bindle safely in the loft, I pull the ladder up so in case any Moaners figure out how to get in the house they won’t be able to get up into the loft. I’ve got a soft blanket to lie on tonight instead of the rough plywood some water, bourbon and if taken in the right combination with drugs I’ll have finally have a night of restful sleep. Opening the pills I lay them out carefully in individual piles and pick out one of the muscle relaxers and one of the anti inflammatory pain killers, that should do the body good. Popping two on my tongue I follow them up with a swig of the bourbon. Wincing at the burn and exhaling the toxic fumes they go down.

Pulling out the vodka I pour some on my hands to wash off the dirt and blood. It makes my hands smell like a bar, momentarily blocking out the smell of the dead and bringing back memories.   The jar of honey is almost new, about 2/3 full. Pulling my spoon out of my pack I dip it into the honey and slip the spoon into my mouth. The intense sweetness almost makes me gag but I down it and take a good long pull of water. Swishing the water around in my mouth I try not to let the honey thicken too much and make it feel like I have cotton mouth. Swallowing, I realize that was the first caloric intake I’ve had in two or maybe three days. You never really understand how you are going to deal with hunger until you have to. I used to get the shakes when I got hungry, but I’ve been in such a survival mode that eating hasn’t been as much a priority as it should be. I definitely need to maintain a calorie intake. I’ve got that package of noodles that I can cook with the remaining fuel I have for my penny can stove.

The penny can stove usually only gets two cups of water just barely to a boil, then it runs out of fuel. It’s enough to purify water in an emergency situation, but you aren’t going to be able to maintain a boil to cook foods like pasta for a long time. Before I cook the noodles I break them in half so they fit in the cooking cup with water. This will get them to start to soften the entire time the water is heating up and coming to a boil. I sit leaning with my back against the wall and look out the window at the street below. It’s dark now and there’s a relatively cool breeze flowing through the window. It’s only cooled to about 90 and this is probably the best spot in the house right now. All the windows in the house are closed and the air, like it’s inhabitants is dead. If I had opened a window below I might’ve gotten a good cross breeze, but that would’ve opened up another possible entry point for a Moaner.

My tongue burns from the hot noodles so I tip the bottle of bourbon back and feel the medicinal sting flow down my throat. Things begin to numb, it feels good for once. Muscle relaxers, pain killers and bourbon. Good times. My eyes begin to feel heavy, with a numbness things begin to blur.

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