Willet, Chapter 2, Part I

If you are new to this series here is the link to Chapter 1 Part I.


Walking down the alley I could see shapes crowded around something on the ground. Keeping my distance I hide behind a dumpster, it was hard to tell if they were infected Zombies or people, there was no moaning but sounds of struggle. It definitely looked as if they were bad people doing bad things. Then I heard the scream. It sounded as if she wanted to try not to make noise for the fear of attracting any Zombies but something was being done to make her scream uncontrollably. There were three of them. In the moonlight I could make out one of them on top of her with his bare white ass exposed. I dropped my pack and pulled out my knife, opening it quietly. I approached as quietly as I could and pulled the one kneeling next to her away from the act with my hand over his mouth. As I torqued his head backwards controlling his body I took my knife and pushed it through his ribs into his lung. I wished my blade was a longer fixed blade because then I might be able to reach his heart, but that wasn’t going to happen. I twisted the blade feeling his body jerk from the pain and I pulled as hard as I could to get my blade out. He wasn’t going to be able to make any noise with his lung punctured but he was still alive. Kneeling back and keeping one hand on his forehead I brought his back onto my knee and plunged the blade into his trachea right below his adams apple and above his sternum. With that blow one of his buddies got up realizing there was an attack happening. He stood and pointed a gun in my direction. As he stepped forward towards me I raised my hands leaving the knife in his buddies throat. He came closer.

“You Mother fucker, I’m going to blow your fuckin’ head off.” He said advancing. I caught a look in the woman’s eyes as the other guy began to get off her trying to pull up his pants. She was crying and tried to scurry back away from us. I don’t blame her, how does she know, I could be a horror worse than the nightmare she was already living.

Still advancing he came closer. Most people aren’t good shots and want to get the gun as close to you as possible so they won’t miss. When he was within arms length I moved. He was a right hand shot and was using only one arm to point the weapon. With my left hand I intercepted the barrel of the handgun and began to turn it away from me, overlapping my right hand onto his right and inserting my finger onto the trigger. Now using both my hands I was able to overpower him and turn the gun directly under his chin. Looking away so the blood wouldn’t splatter in my face and I wouldn’t be blinded by the muzzle flash, I pulled the trigger. When the gun went off I could see the woman and the frightened look on her face in the split second of light that came from the flash. Her shirt was torn and her breasts were exposed, her pants had been ripped off and her face was bloodied.

Gasping for air I sit up quickly struggling to get my bearings. That dream keeps haunting me. When I came across them raping her I had only killed Zombies up to then. They were the first live uninfected people I had to kill. When the gunshot went off the last one scrambled to his feet and stumbled backwards. As soon as the bullet entered the guys head, the electricity turned off and he crumbled. I had to pull on the gun fairly hard because his finger was still in the trigger guard, but it came out as he dropped. I transitioned the weapon into my hand and fired at the man backing up. Failure drill. Two to the chest and one to the head. When I pulled the trigger to put one through his skull the gun went click and was empty. He was dead, and didn’t require the third shot to the head. It’s a nightmare I keep reliving over and over in my dreams.

Reaching for the bourbon and taking another pull I think it’s amazing how dark it is nowadays without any light pollution. The stars are incredibly bright especially when the moon is absent from the night sky. You can still see the satellites making their orbit although I’m sure within the next six months their orbits will begin to decay and they’ll burn up when they reenter the Earth’s atmosphere like meteors. Sitting next to the window I take another drink from the bottle. There’s some shapes mulling around across the street. I haven’t figured out if the Moaners ever really sleep. They don’t seem affected by the dark. Some of them look like they sleep but there’s no rhyme or reason to it. Some go dormant during the day, others at night. Mostly they just collapse right where they are no matter what it is they were doing, then if they hear a sound they become active again and start the moaning, louder and louder the closer they come to you, like Gregorian chanting.

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