Blue•Can Pure Water

I’ll get back to the next installment of Willet next week, for now I need to address a recent question:

Blue•Can Pure Water


A little discussion has popped up at work which has got me thinking. I like it when people begin to learn about the need to have a 72 Hour Bag in their cars. Often times they go back in time to read posts I made years ago and ask me questions. I love it because of a couple reasons. One, I’m able to review what I wrote and sometimes the knowledge base has changed and two, as I move forward refining my skill sets often times my opinions will change.

When I initially put together my list of gear I kept in my car I had at that time a Honda Accord, and every day would routinely grab a bottle of water from a case I would keep in my trunk. I knew it’s not great to keep plastic bottles in the heat – especially in Southern California, but frankly, I didn’t care. I would go through about a case of water a month. In my mind this frequent rotation was enough to mitigate the negative aspects of plastic in the heat. Also, at that time, we had slightly different world view of bottled water – it wasn’t seen as quite the environmental disaster as it is now. But times have changed.

I still keep Datrex emergency drinking water rations in my 72 Hour Bag, but these have their limitations. While they are Coast Guard approved – my gold standard for emergency gear, they do only have a 5 year shelf life. In an emergency I would push that limit and deal with any consequences later. Better to be alive and sick, than dead. I do like these pouches because they are pretty packable and will form to what ever space you pack them in. But is there now a better system to keep in your car – solely for the day when you absolutely need emergency water.70001I can say now that there is a perfect brand of water to keep in your trunk even when the heat of the summer beats down on your car. Blue Can water is designed to be stored for long durations of time. It has a shelf life of 50 years and is Coast Guard approved, reverse osmosis, UV treated and hermetically sealed. Being in aluminum cans makes it a better choice for the environment than plastic bottles and because no light can penetrate through the can, it prevents any bacteria from growing in the water. Additionally, the structure of the cans allows you to store your 72 Hour Bag or any other junk you may have in your trunk on top of the cans. I can say the taste of this water far surpasses any plastic bottle of water with the exception of the extremely high end 10Thousand BC water– which is amazing – but isn’t any type of emergency water at something crazy like $14 per 750 ml bottle! Although I will say it’s freaking awesome water. slide4_02xI think Blue•Can Water is a great option to have in your car and at home because of the benefits of using a can versus a plastic bottle or plastic pouch. The Blue Can water is available on Amazon or at local retailers. It’s not cheap, about $30 per case of 24 8 oz cans, but no emergency water is perfect so it now tops my list.

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