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The Basics

Don’t forget the basics in your 72 Hour Bag. The basics can mean a variety of things to many different people but here’s what I’m talking about. Remember the things which your body needs most. If you’re allergic to environmental conditions keep a good supply of what ever allergy medicine you regularly use in your kit. If you are allergic to bees and need an epi pen then keep one in there too. In case you might need a refill on your prescription here’s a link to get a free epi pen. Look at everything you use on a daily basis and put those items which are necessities into your kit: Tums, Advil, Meds etc.

A few items may not be absolute necessity but could add a level of comfort if you have to walk for three days. One is perhaps a small travel bottle of Gold Bond or some powder you might use when that situation arises.


Tampons are a great item to add to your kit weather you’re a guy or a gal. Women need tampons for obvious reasons but men can use them too for plugging any hole which is leaking blood. This could be from a gun shot wound, bloody nose, knife or any other puncture. Likewise maxi pads can do some amazing things for absorption of blood – after all that’s what they’re designed for.


A good compact item for the kit are Wet Ones Flushable wipes. I’m not sure if these are better than the regular ones but in the back of my mind I think they probably break down a little easier than the non flushable ones. Anyway having a moist wipe to use for your business is very refreshing when facing three or more days hiking somewhere. Inevitably you’re gonna have to go, so why not make it a little more comfortable. These can also be useful to get a better nights sleep. After a long day of slogging your way and getting all sweaty you will sleep warmer and more comfortable if you get the layer of sweat off your body. Facing a harsh climate may prevent you from wanting to strip down and bathe, but using a moist towelette UNDER your clothes will often do the trick.

Having a large table spoon in your kit is something most people won’t think of but it is a valuable asset to have. People got by using spoons for years before the fork was invented, so you’ll be fine with just a spoon and the knife you probably already have in your kit.

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Lip balm and sunscreen. Now a days it doesn’t matter if you live in a sunny climate or not, you meet to protect yourself. It may seem like a waste of time to keep these things in your kit but if you’re out for three days you would invariably make a bad situation horrible with a bad sunburn or wind burned lips and body. These two simple items will save you a lot of grief. The sport version of sunscreen will last a little longer and is more resistant to sweat and there have been studies which have shown better performance when athletes use sunscreen in climates which are hotter so in the long run it may help you in a survival situation.

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Another item you won’t want to forget to add to whatever med kit you buy is Imodium. When times are good and you get food poisoning as nasty as it may be, you want to let whatever caused you harm to run it’s course through your body. But if its a survival situation then you are going to have to be concerned with dehydration, so it’s better to take some Imodium and stop up the leak.


Because you might have to hop from shelter to shelter on your way back to your compound a small tube of toothpaste and a travel toothbrush may be a good item to have in your kit. These two aren’t so much about making others have a more pleasant experience around your stinky breath as it is an uplifting psychological advantage for yourself. You just feel better after you’ve brushed your teeth.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that get you through. Good Luck.