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Willet, Chapter 7, Part III & Chapter 8

If you are new to this series here is the link to Chapter 1 Part I.


Chapter 7, part III and the beginning of Chapter 8


“You good?” I yell to Tinker Bell.

“Yeah, go. I got this.” I hit her on the shoulder and run back to the bug.

Seeing the VW bumper wedged under the front bumper of the Ford Taurus I know Tyler is in need of help. Trying to get it to pop out from under the Taurus’ bumper Tyler doesn’t have enough weight on his own. Climbing on to the rear bumper I see the crowd is growing exponentially.

“Okay, lets do this, ready? One, two, three!” Starting to hop up and down we jump in unison. On the fifth jump the Bug’s tires grab. Swerving to not hit Tinker Bell Mack veers the Bug left causing both Tyler and I to fall off the rear bumper. “God damn it!” I yelp. Landing I feel my back give and a shockwave of pain runs through my pelvis. Getting to my feet I begin to fire again limping up to the VW. By this time Tyler and Mack are also firing.

“What do we do now?” Mack yelled.

Looking towards the cruise ship I can see Decker Canyon is pretty open.

“Get the bug turned around. We’ve go to make a break for that route going through the mountains, we can double back to the base on the other side of the pass.” It’s getting so loud from the moaning over the roar of the ocean waves making me yell at the top of my lungs.  Running over several bodies, Mack negotiates the cars and debris in the road. The VW lurches and it’s tires spin creating a mini smoke screen for us in the middle of the road. Selecting targets as fast as I can I see thousands pouring out of the cruise ship and emptying onto the sand.

To my right I see a Zombie flanking Tinker Bell and approaching her on her six. I can’t take the shot, I haven’t had enough trigger time to risk hitting her or the having the round pass through the Zombie and hitting her. I sling my carbine to the side and reach over my shoulder to grab the tomahawk. My back screams at me with a pain shooting so powerful I almost drop to the ground. Exhaling I try to close the distance as fast as I can. Catching up I send the blade of the tomahawk into the back of the Zombies head with such force it decapitates the Zombie leaving half it’s skull and lower jaw still attached to it’s body.

Turning Tinker Bell sees me over the top of the Zombie as it falls. “Thanks, we gotta move, there’s too many of them.”

“Get to the Bug.”

A Zombie trips and falls towards me. As his momentum carries him forward I time it and swing down planting the tomahawk into the back of his head making him face plant on the asphalt. With the thud his putrified brain splatters across PCH. I turn and see a big one coming at me mouth open, moaning loudly. I front kick him in the pelvis and he stumbles backwards into several other Zombies.

I’m running forward at a slow rate of speed because of the pain in my back, really just limping and breathing in short gasping painful breaths. Getting to the car I see them all inside slowly rolling the Bug forward keeping it’s momentum with the passenger door open ready for me to jump in. Hanging out the drivers window Tyler is shooting at the Zombies coming up behind me. Struggling to limp faster I finally make it to the Bug and fall into the passenger seat. With the door still open I’m able to shoot taking out a couple more of them at point blank range as Mack floors it.

Slumping back in the seat it’s too much effort to even reach for the door so I let the momentum of the Bug close the door. Resting the carbine on the door frame I take out any Zombies passing close by. With a couple of evasive maneuvers Mack makes the turn up Decker Canyon into the mountains of Santa Monica. “I think we need to figure out how to make this car a little more tactical.” I say as the Bug hits a bump making me wince in pain.

Chapter 8

“Aw fuck.” Tyler said.

“Did you get bit?” Tinker Bell says looking down.

“I don’t think so.” Tyler takes a beat then realizes what must have happened. “No I’m good. It was when Mack got the bug to pull away from the car, I slid off the bumper and must’ve caught my leg on the Bug’s bumper.”

Pulling up his pant leg he has a four inch gash on the outside of his right calf. The metal bumper must have snuck up inside his BDU’s and just sliced him open. Everything happened so quick I bet he didn’t feel it at the time.

“In the med kit there’s an H bandage, do you know how to use it?” I said to Tinker Bell.

“Yeah, just make sure there’s no other Zombies up ahead.” I nod while she goes to work. Looking ahead it’s actually pretty serene and picturesque. The bug continues to work it’s way up the grade sputtering along. Turning in the seat and getting to my knees I hang my torso out the window. If feels good to lean forward and stretch the muscles around my pelvis. Looking back I see a swarm of slow moving Zombies following the sound of our engine. The Bug hit a pothole and it immediately reminds me not to try to do yoga in the front seat.

“They’re following the sound of the Bug.” I say to Mack. Turning on the switchback we can see the water below then see just how many there are.

“Holy shit!, it looks like a swarm from up here.” Mack was driving slowly but steady looking over the edge of the road. Coming back around on a switchback to the mountain side we see a traffic jam ahead and have to come to a complete stop. Mack lets the bug idle and sets the E brake. “Fuck, we’re going to have to push some of these out of the way.”

Willet, Chapter 7, Part II

If you are new to this series here is the link to Chapter 1 Part I.


Chapter 7, Part II

I let that sit. Not really sure what had been happening in Malibu. Maybe a fund raiser. When the EMP hit it wasn’t the right time of year for an Oscar party. Walking on the beach is a steady stream of them walking North towards the base. It’s like a line of ants following a trail looking for food. The highway is raised here and the sea wall is keeping them below on the sand. Within five minutes drive I see a huge white structure jutting out from the mountains.

“I think that’s our answer. Where are we?”

“What is it? We’re about 15 clicks from the base.” Mack says.

“It’s a cruise ship.” Tinker Bell says leaning forward.

“That’s an Oasis class cruise ship, there’s like 6,000 passengers and 2,000 crew.” Mack says.

Tinker Bell stares at him.

Mack is now on the defense. “What? I wanted to work on a cruise line after my stint in the Navy.”

“Yeah, you’d be a real ‘Vicki the Cruise Director’.” Tinker Bell couldn’t pass up the opportunity to twist the ever present knife she has planted in Mack’s ribs.

“I would’ve rather been a Purser, so ‘Gopher’ would’ve been more appropriate.”

Leaning forward, “You’re not helping yourself.” I say. Tyler almost does a spit take after hearing that one.

Turning the bend reveals a cove where Decker Canyon splits off PCH heading North. Listing to its side in the cove is a huge cruise ship against the rocks slowly being ripped apart with each wave. It’s immense. Must be three football fields long and the hull is as tall as a ten story building. Looking as if there are ants around the base of the ship the undead are falling from the decks above. Some are landing in the water and some on the sand with thuds or splashes. Some are either unfortunate or fortunate depending on the way you look at it and are landing between the rocks and the hull. It looks like a cheese grater of human flesh. The ocean is red with blood and guts.

“Sharks.” I say pointing just off the shore. It’s a feeding frenzy. Fighting over those who’ve fell into the water. Body parts are floating out to sea from being ripped apart in the cheese grater. Almost at once like a wave the stench hits us. Death is everywhere and it’s overpowering the refreshing smell of salt air.

“We better get back.” Mack offers while turing the bug around and dodging several cars.  After successfully negotiating the u turn he speeds off making it back to the bend in the road. “Fuck!” He yells.

“Oh shit.” Tinker Bell lets out. “Contact Front!” As Mack slams on the brakes forcing the Bug into an endo. Tinker Bell hangs her body out the passenger window in one swift motion while beginning to fire. Zombies from the beach found a staircase up to PCH following the sound of the Bug. Tinker Bell automatically begins firing, selecting targets quickly and dropping them.

Creating distance, Mack slams the Bug in reverse abruptly smashing us into a Ford Taurus, stopping us instantly and sending Tinker Bell to the rear of the window opening.

Mack throws the car into drive gunning the gas with Tinker Bell still half out of the window. Tires spinning, our bumper now jammed into the grill of the car behind us prevents any forward motion.  Throwing open the door Tinker Bell is out engaging our pursuers. Pushing the seat forward I get out to help stem the flow. I feel Tyler hop out behind me hot on my heels.

Leaning in I shout to Mack over the sound of suppressed fire. “Get this thing able to roll and we’ll hold them off.” I wish I had the time to wrap a bandana over my mouth and nose, I’m ready to vomit from the smell of rotting flesh. Some of the Moaners fresh out of the water have clothes dripping wet and chunks of flesh are dropping off their bones either from the time spent in the water or sharks who pulled meat off their bodies. Some are walking with entrails dragging on the ground and others are walking lop sided from legs now at different lengths.

“Cover!” Tinker Bell yells while instinctively kneeling to reload. Hearing that I spin and begin to engage the Zombies as they move forward on us while she reloads.

“Up!” She yells. Standing over her with my leg touching her back I reach down and squeeze her shoulder giving her the signal it is okay for her to rise.

“Come Up!” I yell raising the muzzle of my carbine. With my hand on her shoulder I step aside as she rises and let her take her position again. The tires squeal. “Tyler, see if you can kick the bumper loose.” Zombies are approaching, looking like a tide of ants coming closer every second. The small crowd approaching seem to have turned into hundreds within seconds. Even with the ones we’re hitting going down, they are being replaced by a steady stream and soon there will easily be a thousand. “Fuck, do this many people really go on cruises?”

“I don’t know but I liked that blue dress.” Tinker Bell commenting as she put a round through a female Zombies’ head. Like little red fountains Moaners heads are exploding, popping like watermelons hit with a sledge hammer, but some how through it all Tinker Bell seems to keep her sarcastic sense of humor.

“Cover!” I yell and crouch down to change magazines. I pull out the dry one and insert a new one hitting my ping pong paddle to send another round into the chamber. “UP!” I yell. White smoke begins to drift forward engulfing our position from the tire spinning.

“Come Up!” Tinker Bell yells while squeezing my shoulder. She’s an excellent shot acquiring targets and taking them out quickly. Like the beat of a drum one after another. Taking down several more I turn back to Tyler.

“Give me a hand!” Tyler is yelling while jumping up and down on the bumper as Mack is trying to use the power of the little VW engine to pull away.

Willet, Chapter 5, Part II

If you are new to this series here is the link to Chapter 1 Part I.


Chapter 5, Part II

Traveling South down the tunnel I notice it getting wider the further down away from the mountains I get. It’s like having my own little super highway under the streets. I feel safe for the time, but I’m going to have to surface at some point and get more supplies. Without humans pumping millions of gallons of material down the sewers it’s amazing how empty these tunnels are now. It smells, but no where near as putrid as the Moaners above. Ahead along the highway are a lot of strip malls, with any hope I’ll be able to salvage some supplies.

It only takes an hour before I get to where the grade of the storm drain begins to level out, I’m guessing I’ve made it pretty close to the highway. Taking my pack off I fish out the 550 cord, tie one end around the carry handle at the top of my pack and loop the other through one of my belt loops with a simple slip knot. With my tomahawk in my hand I climb to the top and press the lid up just wide enough to peek out. Looking through the gap I see the car dealerships and the McDonalds. I’m right in the heart of the AutoMile. The handle of the tomahawk has a point which fits nicely in that hole beside the notch in the cover. I’m able to rest the head of the tomahawk on the street and am confidant that it will hold while I shimmy my body out of the hole. As I get my torso up onto the street I can see some Zombies fighting over something in the Audi dealership parking lot. Six months on it wouldn’t be a salesman but I can’t be sure. Pulling my legs onto the hot pavement I quickly kneel and start to pull my pack up.

Hearing the moans motivates me to pull faster, when it rises up to the street it’s obvious it’s not going to pass through the gap created by the length of the tomahawk. With my foot I kick the top of the lid trying to balance holding the cord and with my free hand and catching the tomahawk before it falls into the hole. The lid crashes to the ground making a loud GONG sound, then spins on itself making an enormous racket as if it were a giant silver dollar coming to rest on a table after spinning on edge. Over my shoulder I see several of the Zombies stand to attention and look in my direction. Like a tide they start to move towards me, at first it looks like two, then after pulling my pack through the hole and standing I see several more behind them following like lemmings.

Gathering the cord into a loose ball I tuck it into the top of my pack leaving it tied to the carry handle. I don’t have time to be neat and organized right now. Of course the shoulder straps fold in on them selves as I start to jog binding up in my shirt and cutting off the blood flow to my arms.

“Of course,” I said to myself. “Murphy comes knocking again.” It seems even in the Apocalypse Murphy’s Law will always prevail. Timing the steps I’m able to straighten each strap as the pack rises off my shoulder briefly being weightless. I hear a faint sputtering sound. Looking back I see a flurry of activity there’s at least 20 Zombies trying to keep up. Still hearing that sputtering sound, it’s been so long I forgot what the Hell it was. Moaning interrupted by mechanical.

“What is that?” I mutter out loud to myself.

From the right I hear it getting louder. “Is that a VW?” Sure enough a VW Bug is driving on a side street pacing me. He’s two big blocks away probably a 1/4 mile but I feel like he’s looking at me. I swing my arms in the air while running sideways. He turns up the road and flashes his headlights. Making a beeline I turn towards him. The Zombies change their course and are actually gaining on me a little because they cut off the corner. As I get closer the Bug turns broadside to the road, stops and the driver opens his door, stands and takes aim over the roof of the VW with a M16. He’s dressed in BDU’s and a Hawaiian shirt.

“Hi!” He yells. “How’s it going?”

“Pretty good, you?” Either he’s really optimistic or loves pleasantries. He fires two shots and I flinch from the loud crack as the rounds pass by my head a little too close for comfort.

“Sorry, a couple are getting a little too close. Get in.” I take his invitation and try the handle.

“It’s locked.”

“Oh yeah, sorry about that, it’s not a good neighborhood.” He gets in reaches across to unlock the door and revs the engine. What a welcome sound that tinny exhaust system is on a VW Bug. Getting in he extends his hand. “I’m Mack.”