I was watching a guy drinking some water the other day out of a plastic bottle. I wasn’t watching watching him, I was just kind of zoning out and he was in my sightline. I’m not an anti plastic water bottle guy – I think if you’re responsible and recycle it, then in turn people are responsible down the chain the bottle should be turned into something else and not end up in the ocean which we have seen has created a giant issue in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But if I may for a moment, I’m betting the only reason this is an ‘issue’ with plastic bottle is because they float and glass bottle and aluminum cans sink. I’m betting there’s just as much of that crap in the ocean as the plastic bottles and the plastic bottles are the target of ridicule because people can see their effect.

But anyway that’s not really what I want to write about today. As I watched this guy take a drink, he was about to head into a store so he pounded almost all of it, then screwed the cap on and deposited the bottle in the trash. This, THIS is my pet peeve. I hate seeing our most precious resource trapped inside a plastic bottle. We are living in a time where a google search of term ‘Blue Gold’ has become a thing… What is Blue Gold? Water. Investors and people in power are beginning to realize the Earth is running out of fresh potable water and the next power struggle and possibly even the next war could possibly be over water.

So that little bottle of water the guy threw away got me thinking. At the bottom of his bottle was about 1/5 of the water bottle remaining. It was a 750ml bottle so that was about 150ml of water. I’d say a good percentage of people throw away this amount of water inside a bottle every single day, but lets say just for argument sake every single person on the planet drinks the entire bottle. Lets say in every single bottle across the globe which is disposed of has merely one single drop and all those bottles have their lids screwed on top tightly sealing this one drop into the bottle.

The average plastic bottle has a lifespan of 450 years. That means the tiny drop of water is trapped inside this bottle for the next 450 years.

There are 22 Billion Water bottles thrown out each year and there are 90,921.8 drops per gallon. This means that each year there are 241,966 gallons lost by sealing one drop inside a plastic water bottle.

Now I know that a good percentage of bottles are actually recycled each year and in that process the water will be flushed back into the system but the fact is that a lot of people throw the bottles into the trash which sends the bottles to a landfill and a lot of people don’t finish the entire bottle like the guy I was watching. So I’m guessing that amount of water comes close to the single water drop equation coming to the 241,966 gallons per year lost… At least that amount if not more.

So what am I saying? Simply this: if you can’t recycle your plastic bottle of water that’s fine, I’m no enviro nazi, simply unscrew the damn cap, pour the remaining water onto a flower or even in the gutter then throw the bottle in the trash with the cap off. that way hopefully the lone drop will evaporate and not be trapped for the next 450 years. Further more if you get a fountain drink, before throwing the cup away, release the ice cubes back into the wild before they are sealed inside a plastic trash bag trapping them for who knows how long.

Thank you, end of public service announcement.


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