A new Chapter

Last week’s post concluded Chapter 8 of Willet. When I started publishing Willet 1,500 or so at a time it was my intention to use it as a motivational tool to keep me writing. I estimated I would be able to write 1,500 words each week to keep ahead of the publication rate. Currently, I am writing chapter 16 and this exercise has worked fairly well. My intention was always to write a piece in present tense/active voice and this concept had always been bouncing around in my head.

While I have been able to stay ahead of the amount of words I’ve been publishing each week, other projects have sucked up a lot of my time. It’s always been my plan to release Willet on iBooks when I am done with it and if I release the entire novel on this blog then there will be no reason for people to download it on iBooks.

For somewhat selfish reasons I’d like to see how many people download it – so for that reason I’ll save the second half of the book to be solely downloaded in a format which can be tracked.

At chapter 16, I can assure you our main character has the end in sight and after some mis steps and skirmishes he has prevailed. With the final arc of the story close to being formed I will take the next 3 months to conclude the project and publish it by August… A soft deadline because I don’t have a publisher breathing down my neck.


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