Willet, Chapter 8 Part II

If you are new to this series here is the link to Chapter 1 Part I.

The saga continues…

Chapter 8, Part II

Opening the door I swing my legs out. It takes a second to get out of the car and straighten up. Tinker Bell is able to hit the latch on the seat and push it forward getting out before I’m even standing upright. “You okay?” She asks.

“Yeah, pulled something in my back. I’m good to go.” I take a deep breath smiling at her. “We gonna be able to untangle this mess?”

Running up to the mass of cars Mack jumps on to the hood of the car in the very front. A twisted mess, eight of them piled up. They must’ve rolled down the hill and crashed into each other.

“I think if we can push the Lincoln down into the ravine we may be get the Toyota out of the way and we should be able to sneak the Bug by on the shoulder.” The shoulder isn’t too much of a shoulder, it’s more of a ledge.

“Great, lets get on it.” Tyler says bounding forward towards the Lincoln. Opening the door he gets in. “It won’t start.”

“No shit, idiot.” Tinker Bell says at the door. “Just turn the ignition to ON and put it in neutral. Point the wheels in that direction” She points to the edge of the cliff. “and we’ll push it over the edge. Oh, and you might want to get out of the car before it goes over.” She smirks at him and hurries to the rear of the car.

“God damn it Tinker Bell, you don’t have to be mean.” Tyler says standing out of the car and getting into pushing position by the drivers door.

“Whatever guys,” Mack said. “Ready?” We all nod. “Okay, One, Two, Three!” We all heave and give it a huge push. I’m at the limits of what I can do with my back. The Lincoln starts to roll and begins to gain momentum towards the edge of the cliff. In a steady coast it gently falls off into the scrub brush in the canyon.

Looking over the edge towards the ocean I see the hoard. “They’re still coming.” I shout to the others. We don’t have much time. I would have never thought they would be able to climb this much elevation in such a short time. “Lets get the Toyota out of the way.”

Tyler opens the door.  “No key.” He frantically tries to turn the steering wheel, it’s locked.

“Look above the visor.” I shout.

Flipping the visor down the keys drop into his lap.

“You’re welcome.” I smile at him while limping to the back of the car. Right when we were about to start to push something went silent. At first we didn’t notice, but then we all simultaneously realize that the Bug has run out of gas.

“No, no, no no!” Mack screamed. “Fuck me!”

“One problem at a time let’s get this thing out of the way.” I say in as calm a voice as I can. We push the Toyota out the same way, sending it rolling down the cliff smashing into the Lincoln. I turn looking into parked vehicles. “Quick find containers, buckets, bottles, whatever you can find.”

“We’re not going to have enough time to siphon a gas tank.” Tinker Bell said.

“We’re not going to siphon gas.” I reply searching for the right vehicle. I need to find one tall enough. There’s a Subaru with a lunch cooler in the back seat. Tearing open the door and grabbing the plastic cooler, I open the lid and dump out the contents. With a scarf from the inside of the car I wipe out any crumbs and debris from the persons lunch six months ago. “Anything like this will work.” I yell holding up the cooler for everyone to see.

“How’s this” Tyler says holding up a one gallon wash tub used for mopping floors. It’s a rubbermaid rectangular bucket, the sides are about six inches tall.

“Perfect, that’s exactly what we need. Bring it here.” I squeeze past the Subaru and over to a U-Haul truck. It’s a long truck that has a side step up into the cab using the fuel tank as the step up. Next to the spout is a sticker – “GASOLINE ONLY.”

“Put it under the fuel tank and step back.” Tyler slides it under. Mack comes over with a gallon milk jug. “I think these will do it.” Using my tomahawk I swing with the pointed tip. It looks like a fireman’s tool to punch through doors. In one quick swing I puncture the lower part of fuel tank and the gasoline pours out into the square bucket. Quickly it filling up. “Mack, find a newspaper or manila folder, something we can make a funnel out of.” He nods. Just then we start hearing Tinker Bell squeeze off rounds.

“Contact rear! How long are you guys going to be? I’m not sure I’ll be holding them off for too long.” Tinker Bell is lying across the hood of a car and sniping the ones moving the fastest.

“We’ll be done in a second, hang on.” I look to tyler. “When the bucket fills slide the jug under.

“I didn’t find any paper, but I found a funnel.” Mack says running up with a perplexed look on his face like he was going to actually get in trouble for not finding material to make a funnel and actually finding a funnel.

“Yeah, I think that’ll work. Take the bucket and start pouring it into the tank.” The chorus of moans is getting louder over the steady stream of fuel draining into the jug. As it got near the top Tyler slid the lunch box style cooler under the stream. “Take that over to Mack and I’ll bring the cooler over when it fills up.” Tyler got up sprinting with the jug back to Mack. We were only going to be able to harvest about three gallons out of this tank and there were at least 10 more gallons I would be able to use if we had time. Using a 5.56 round I shove it into the hole to slow the flow of fuel. Grabbing the cooler I hobble back to the Bug. Mack’s holding the funnel and Tyler’s pouring the jug into the tank. “Did anyone bring a frag grenade?”

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