I accomplished two more modifications for my Urban Assault Vehicle this past week. The Modifications weren’t wholly necessary but I wanted a way to organize things a bit better in the rear of the FJ so I built (with the help of my friend Steve) a set of bitchin’ drawers. They’re hard mounted in the rear cargo space utilizing the anchor points which already existed, but they’re easy enough to take out when extra cargo space is needed. I used carpeting on the top and purchased Airline L Track off Amazon for the left, right and center. The L track is certified for airplanes to hold down seats and is crash tested to pretty incredible forces so I’m confident it’s strong enough to hold what ever cargo I might need to tie down in the rear.





The other modification I did was to black out the center section of the hood. I could’ve bout a black decal they make which fits exactly where I painted, but where’s the fun in that? This modification isn’t just esthetic, the white hood would get pretty bright to the point of impairing your vision, so blacking it out will help with that. I pulled the FJ as far into the garage as possible, and with the lift kit and the roof rack that ain’t too far anymore. I masked off the center section to paint the large area.


Applied about four coats in the middle.IMG_0136

Then pulled the rough edge masking to go back and do the fine edges.



Here’s the final look. You can see the texture difference between the center of the hood and the 2″ edge all the way around, but I know how to fix that if I ever do it again. Again you ask? Yes, I used PlastiDip which will just peel off the hood in one giant sheet and I can redo it or touch it up when needed.


Love the way it looks with the black vents and the windshield wipers.


Below is a great video on Overlanding and their trip up the AlCan Highway to cross the Arctic Circle. A trip I’m dying to do in the Marshmallow.

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