First Aid Kits

As we were driving to dinner last night my daughter, who is six, had an emergency need for a band aid. There had been some type of trauma to her finger the other day and it was in need of immediate medical assistance. Even though there was no evidence of anything needing a band aid, but she had to have one immediately. Luckily for us I realized I have three first aid kits in my car, one in the glove box which is a small pedestrian med kit, one in my 72 Hour Bag which has more advanced items like wound closure items and antibiotics, then there’s my trauma kit I keep in a ready to access position on my tail gate.

Do you really need this many med kits? Well no, but I have realized after last night that each child you are traveling with should have their own first aid kit stocked with the things kids will use most this way when they have one of their “emergencies” they can tend to themselves and not rifle through the emergency kit with dirty hands disrupting and compromising the sanitation of items which may be needed when a real emergency happens.

Their kit should include:

Kid sized bandages


antibacterial spray – they have this model which is easy for kids to apply to themselves.


400Cortizone itch relief pen,

300Tweezers & Magnifying glass – If you have a kid like my daughter, they will never let anyone near a splinter so she does it herself and she’s actually pretty good at splinter removal. We’re hoping to parlay that into medical school.

Aquaphor is a great addition because even in the heat of summer it won’t melt like some chapped lip tubes. Aquifer can also be used on dry skin anywhere on the body.300-1

hand sanitizer both a travel sized bottle and some hand wipes if they’ll fit in the first aid kit bag.



100% Aloevera Gel is probably the best thing I’ve ever used for sun burns, even a kid will actually use this stuff if they get a sunburn because if feels so good when you apply it, so I’d throw a tube of that in there too.300-2


As a final note on the kids’ kit, if you buy a pre bought kit to build off of, I’d take out any medications just to be on the safe side, you don’t want a kid self medicating with advil thinking they look like tic tacs.

Some other items you shouldn’t forget to put in the Family first aid kit are:


Hand Sanitizer

Gauze Pads & Rolls


First Aid Tape

Alcohol Swabs

Cold Packs


Antibiotic Ointment





Bug Spray


Aloevera Gel

Alchohol (not bourbon)


Cotton Swabs



Nail Clippers

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