Back up Stove

I wanted to get a friend of mine who made me some custom items a thank you gift and was racking my brain because he has everything he wants and he and I share the problem of knowing exactly what brand/model of any thing under the sun which we would want. So I looked at the gear I had and tried to figure out what he didn’t have, needed, but didn’t know he needed! Here’s what I came up with.

I had been looking for a good stove to use as a back up. It had to be light weight and very solid in terms of reliability. As I searched I began to realize I had to chose a stove which used fuel you could find on the go and in virtually any environment you were in. This would help to keep the weight down.

I came up with several stoves which used twigs or pinecones or paper… Virtually anything burnable could be used. There are several stoves on the market which are all very good but I wanted one which I could pack down very small, but most of the others are based on a cylindrical shape.

After some poking around I checked a website of a vendor I have always endorsed Vargo Outdoors. They have grown from a small boutique outfit to now producing several stoves and backpacks as well as many other great items. I love their gear and I find this stove to be great for a 72 Hour Bag, an emergency kit, backpacking or car camping. Below are two pictures, one of the stove assembled and the second one is of it folded. The stove comes with it’s own stuff sack so soot won’t get on your gear in your pack, and comes in two versions: a titanium version weighing in at 116 grams and a stainless steel version at 210 grams. hex_open hexagon_stove_folded



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