Happy 20th Anniversary!

Twenty years ago on January 17, 1994 a magnitude 6.7 earthquake hit Southern California. Its epicenter was basically right under Cal State Northridge and was felt from as far away as Las Vegas. Here is the parking structure at Cal State Northridge:76043_5e497caf68837d64e2fd74fff1a497d3_20c1c3eb3840ad4a8b9d0ffd8a81f896

KPCC 89.3 FM Posted a great audio montage of the mornings events. I first heard it when driving to work and literally got goosebumps while listening to it.

The point of this blog is to get people in not just Southern California but anywhere where there are natural disasters to look at their vehicle as a mobile storage for gear which will get you home. It will be the means of travel but at some point the roads may just become impassable. I don’t think many people remember or can envision just how badly the roads can get. Here is an image of what happened to the highway system as a result of the Northridge quake.


Because of the quake many homes caught on fire. There were well over 100 structure fires which occurred within hours of the event from gas lines rupturing and power lines falling on to buildings. One huge myth which should be avoided at all costs is standing in doorways. This was thought to be a safe place to stand back in the 1870’s when buildings were made from adobe and there weren’t doors built onto the opening. Today if you stand in a doorway chances are you will get slammed by the door swinging open and closed violently. Instead, get to the floor before being thrown off balance. After you get to the ground then find the best place you feel is the safest. That will either be under and object or next to an object depending on which method you subscribe to.


Immediately after the event there is the goldilocks period where people will come together and help each other, but soon after when resources dwindle they will want to secure water and food for their own families and you will want to be secure in your own residence before this period happens.

76044_b8787c940a2de8dcb2eb57b960c244d9_388c57c48f9597359a7b7b072059a99cRemember, its not just your 72 Hour Bag and your car which you are outfitting. You must create an earthquake kit at your home. A good rule of thumb is 10 days of water, food and necessities (clothing, medicines, hygiene) for all of the members of your family. One gallon of water per person, per day at the minimum is required for this kit. This is the most important item in your earthquake kit. The biggest problem in the aftermath of the Northridge quake was getting clean potable water to the people.


Beer bottling companies stepped in and produced canned water for people throughout LA. When the next big one hits there will potentially be 10-14 million people without clean drinking water. That is a huge order to fill. If you plan accordingly you won’t be waiting for the calvalry to come to your rescue. And please don’t come to my house.

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