I wanted to write a detailed post this weekend but my house is in disarray from some construction we are having done. The weekend was spent clearing out crap from closets, ripping out virtually every telephone jack and wiring from the house and taking down every earthquake bracket and safety strap from our larger pieces of furniture.

I say virtually every telephone jack because I left a couple around the house. The previous owner must of been an attorney or a bookie because he had six phone lines – each having their own jack. So that was 6 jacks in almost every room, it was a bit much. When volunteering at the Disaster Communications Service we talked about redundancy and which forms of communications would be most reliable. More times than not your wired telephone lines will still be the most solid for of communication in the event of an emergency. When power is down or the infrastructure has collapsed the old fashioned telephone will still be the most reliable.

I still recommend paying the $15 a month for a basic line because at the end of the day that line out may be worth it’s weight in gold.

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