30 Uses of a Bandana

Ever since I can remember I have carried two bandanas in my pack when hiking. Today I carry a Shemaugh which is just a larger bandana. You can find these at a variety of on line sellers like lapolicegear.com

 I was told the colors signify the region the shemaugh came from with more contrasting colors being a region of conflict. Here you can see Yasir Arafat wearing white and black.

The shemaugh has been very useful through out its tenure in my EDC (every day carry) bag and does many things that the bandana can but has a little more surface area making it a better neck warmer and can be used in the traditional way over your head to cut the wind or keep the sun off your head. With so many military operations going on in the middle east many operators have adopted the benefits of using a shemaugh.
I can tell you that when it’s cold on set, I pull my shemaugh out and wrap it around my neck, quickly getting warm and I make a fashion statement. The main point of this post is to talk about the 30 uses of a bandana. Below is a list from survivalcache.com they have a pretty good amount of items you might want to add to your 72 hour bag and he runs a good blog. I have found other lists that go up to 100 uses but I’ve found that 30 uses is about all I can remember and most of the other ones are pretty common sense. 

30 Uses of a Bandana:
1. Signal
2. Neck Gaiter for cold weather
3. Tourniquet (But for Snake Bites use a Sawyer Extractor)
4. Pot Holder
5. Collecting Wild Edibles
6. Sun block for neck
7. Sling (first-aid – also see medical kits for you BOB)
8. Sling (as in David and Goliath)
9. Sling (for a staff )
10. Cordage (strips or as is)
11. Washcloth/Towel (Bathe out of a Collapsible Bucket)
12. Sweatband
13. Waist pack/pouch
14. Hobo Pack
15. Padding a hotspot
16. Cleaning Patches for Firearm
17. Bullet Patches for Muzzleloader
18. Gun Wipe Cloth (with oil)
19. Toilet Paper
20. Mark a Trail
21. Dish Rag
22. Napkin
23. Eye patch
24. Pre-water Filter (like Coffee Filters)
25. Clean Glasses and other lens
26. Ear Muffs
27. Bind a stone and toss a line over a limb
28. Dust Mask (in Urban Survival)
29. Wet and wear for Hot Weather
30. Sneezing

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