I’ll always try to follow up my Facebook posts with a more detailed blog entry on that post. Today I posted about a backpack to use for your 72 hour bag. I’ve found it to be a tough selection process. The bag needs to be big enough to hold three days worth of food and gear that’ll get you home during a crisis. If the bag is too big then you’ll inevitably fill it making it too heavy and carry unnecessary items. If the bag is too small you’ll pack it full of the gear which may be absolutely vital, but leaving you no room to fill the hydration bladder rendering you a perfect candidate for dehydration.

I’ve looked at a lot of different packs and tested many of them, some during backpacking trips and others by spreading my kit out all over the living room floor and attempting to pack the packs in a variety of ways to see what works all the while receiving “looks” from my wife.

I started with the smallest of daypacks all the way to 50 liter backpacks. The bigger pack you get often is more expensive. You ultimately need to find a pack which suits your needs and that pack may already be in your closet or storage shed, that one will be the best one because it’s free – period. But if you don’t have the free one, and need to buy one, this one from LA Police Gear is buy far got the best bang for the buck:

This 3 Day Backpack is about 2,500 cubic inches which is the perfect Goldilocks size and has a price of $29. If you look at any other bag made in this style it would cost you upwards of $100 and that’s just too much to spend on a bag that’s going to sit in the trunk of your car. You can check it out here: http://www.lapolicegear.com/diplomat-3-day-backpack1.html

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